Tom Whittaker - Family History

This is the third version of our family history which has been updated in December 2005.

Surnames and counties of originfor the past seven generations are complete except for six names. They are as follows:

BONNER Oxfordshire

BROOKS Lincolnshire

BURDETT Leicestershire

BUSBY Buckinghamshire

CHAFFER Yorkshire

CHAPLIN Warwickshire

CLIFTON Oxfordshire

COLESHE Nottinghamshire

COLTMAN Leicestershire

COOPER Warwickshire

DAVY Lincolnshire

DICKENSON Warwickshire


EARP Warwickshire

ELSOM Lincolnshire

FLETCHER Warwickshire

GARNER Leicestershire

GIBBS Buckinghamshire

GOODAIR(E) Yorkshire

GREEN Leicestershire

HALL Warwickshire

HANSON Lincolnshire

HANSON Derbyshire

HENSON Leicestershire

HIGGS Leicestershire

HOUGH Yorkshire

HOYLE Yorkshire

HUBBARD (1) Leicestershire

HUBBARD (2) Leicestershire

KING Warwickshire?

KIRKPATRICK Nottinghamshire

LEE(S) Nottinghamshire

MAYER Oxfordshire

MOORE Warwickshire


MUGGLETON Leicestershire

OTTEWELL (1) Derbyshire

OTTEWELL (2) Derbyshire

PARLBY Nottinghamshire

PAYNE Leicestershire

PHIPPS Leicestershire

QUINNEY Warwickshire

ROE Leicestershire

SATCHWELL Warwickshire

SMITH Warwickshire

SOAR Derbyshire

TARRATT (1) Leicestershire

TARRATT (2) Leicestershire

TOPLIS Nottinghamshire

VEAL Lincolnshire

WARNER Leicestershire

WATSON Lincolnshire

WHITTAKER Nottinghamshire

WILKES Warwickshire

WILKINS Warwickshire

WOOD Yorkshire

WOODIER (YER) Warwickshire

YOUNG(E) Warwickshire

Sufficient research has been done to be reasonably certain that the information post 1800 is accurate. Before that date, much of the information is based on "best fit" information from parish registers. The database contains a number of uncertainties. These are indicated in the notes against the earliest positively identified person.

I would like to hear from you if you have any additional information that I could add to my family history or if you are looking for further information on people listed here. You can e-mail me on

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