The personal website of Tom & Angela Whittaker

Welcome to the personal website of Angela and Tom Whittaker.  At the moment, the site is under construction and therefore, there are lots of areas where information is in short supply.  Please be patient as more pages will be added as time goes on.

We have chosen four areas of activity, some of which you may find of interest


For many years we have been tracing our family history and have identified ancestors as far back as the 1500's.  You are welcome to browse our pages to find out whether we have any common ancestors.

Our ancestors are from many places within England from Yorkshire in the north to Surrey in the south and from Lincolnshire in the east to Warwickshire in the west. There are even Hugenots who travelled from France in the early 17th Century.

The most recent surnames are: Whittaker, Cooper, Clifton, Payne, Brooks, Goodair, Hubbard and Smith.

Tom's Journeys

For the past 20 years, Tom has been fulfilling an ambition to walk alone round the coast of England.  Having achieved over half of the distance, it has become clear that a means of speeding up the process is required.  Therefore, trips since 2009 have made use of a folding bike which is easy to take on the train and removes much of the risk of becoming stranded in an isolated place.  At present, the site points to his blog which has been maintained for the past two years.  Eventually, the adventures, routes and photos will become part of this site.

Having travelled along almost 80% of the English coastline, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find walks or rides that are possible complete in a one day trip. He has therefore decided to add the Welsh coastline to the itinerary and will be making journeys around Cardiff in the New Year. The first of these rides will be between Cardiff and Chepstow.

Angela's Paintings

Angela has a great interest in watercolour painting. The majority of which are based on the Warwickshire countryside near where we live. Other paintings have been inspired by our visits to other places including Wales, Stamford, London, Prague and Rome.

A selection can be viewed by clicking on the heading of this section of our website. A series of thumbnails will then appear, click on the desired thumbnail to see a larger picture.


We both enjoy solo singing and have given many concerts in the Midlands area, both on our own and with friends.

Recent concerts


"Frauenliebe und Leben" and "Liederkreis" by Robert Schumann was performed at St Andrew's Church, Rugby and Holy Trinity Church, Leamington Spa.


Our French Collection was performed at St Andrew's Church, Rugby and Holy Trinity Church, Leamington Spa.


We sang our programme “Aspects of Love” at Holy Trinity Church, Leamington Spa and St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham.


Love in its many guises” was performed at Holy Trinity Church, Leamington Spa

Future concerts

We are working on a programme of Mendelssohn duets, melodies, lieder and songs by Roger Quilter which we hope to perform during 2014.